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my day at school(:


I usually wake up at 6:45 but school doesn’t start until 8:05. My parents take me to school.But i am the last to get dropped off after my siblings! Every day we have eight periods they are each fifty-three minutes long. At this school we have electives some electives we have are challenge, art, spanish, french, digital media, drama etc…. After school there is the sports practice. In ┬áthe summer/early fall there is cross-country and volleyball. In the winter there is basketball and wrestling. In the spring there us track(:DSCF0135

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“my day at school(:”

  1. April 28th, 2011 at 6:27 pm       Your sister , Tierra !(: Says:

    TaLeah !
    you forgot see me everyday ! when i fix your stinkin jacket collar and usually give your food ! thennn you see me at track and pick on me because I’m “younger” well thats all ! (:
    peace love and chicken grease .(: yupp i took that from you .
    – Tierra W .

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